Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Break 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm back at work today after an awesome two week vacation.  For the third year in a row, the president of our school gave us the week off between Christmas and New Year's.  I got extra greedy this year and took off the Monday before Christmas Eve and the Thursday and Friday after the New Year to extend my winter break.  I was super excited to only use 3 vacation days in exchange for a lot of time home with my little guy.

How were your holidays?  Mine were awesome!  Consider this your warning - you're about to get inundated with pictures.

A few weeks ago I snagged a Groupon for professional pictures at Target.  John desperately needed new pictures taken and some of them doubled as Christmas presents for various family members.  I haven't posted any on the blog since some of my family reads this thing, so I'm excited to share one with you. It's one of my favorites.  

Christmas morning was awesome.  John definitely gets the whole Santa thing, so to see his reaction to the gifts under the tree was magical.  This was the year of costumes.  John loves anything dress up, so every time he opened a costume, he immediately wanted to change.  We had Spiderman, Super Why and Jake and the Neverland Pirates in our house on Christmas day.

One of the highlights of John's Christmas was receiving a tool kit.  He loves following my husband around the house with all of his new tools.  He really gets a kick out of the fact that these are truly working tools.

In the midst of all of the picture taking madness, John asked if he could snap a picture.  The hubby and I finally have a picture together (we haven't had many of them since having John) and John was happy to use the camera.  Ignore my "I just woke up and am exhausted" look.  I think John did a pretty good job!

A few days after Christmas, the hubby and I took John on his first hiking trip.  The weather was just right (a/k/a not too cold and no mud on the trails).  John loved looking for a walking stick, not having to hold hands on the trails and climbing over logs.

The freedom John experienced could only be described in this picture.  Even though I was a few steps behind him, it felt like he was miles away.

Halfway through our trip, it started to get hot.  John took his hat off and I couldn't stop laughing.  This kid had a serious case of hat-head!  I just had to get a picture of it while he was scarfing down a snack.

I know I've been off from work for 2 weeks, but I'm not really ready to be back yet.  I've got lots more relaxing and hanging out with John left in me!

Question of the Day:
Did you have any time off from work/school for the holidays?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie