Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little Mickeys a/k/a This Project Took Much Longer Than It Should Have

Happy hump day!  It's so nice to be halfway through the work week, isn't it?

As you know, John's birthday theme this year was Mickey Mouse.  For some reason, I feel the need to be creative at the worst times, i.e., the day before hosting a birthday party.  I had seen Mickey Mouse Oreos on Pinterest and knew I wanted to give 'em a try.

Essentially, you take a package of regular-sized Oreos and a container of mini Oreos, stick them together with melted chocolate to make Mickey Mouse.  If you want to get fancy, you can melt some red candy melts and dip half of the Oreo into the melted red chocolate for Mickey's pants.  Homey don't play that.  I'm not that fancy, so instead of driving to the craft store for the red candy melts, I bought Wilton's red icing in a can. I thought this would be an easy solution.  I was wrong.

First of all, trying to get the mini Oreos to stick to the big Oreos was nearly impossible.  After trying all sorts of ways to make them stick, I literally untwisted every big Oreo and every little Oreo.  I put the melted chocolate on half of the mini Oreo, stuck it to the inside of the big Oreo, repeated with the other mini cookie and then put the big piece of Oreo on top.  After they were finished, I put them in the fridge to harden.  I tried using the red icing on one of the Mickey Mouse cookies that was cracked and it looked terrible.  I kept messing around with the different tips of the icing and finally figured out that I could use a knife to smooth out the icing.  All of that work for one cookie?  I wasn't feeling it.  Plus, I was exhausted, John was up from his nap and I figured the red icing idea was out the window.  Wrong again.

I showed John the cookies without the icing and the one with the icing and guess which one he chose?  The red iced one, of course!  I told him perhaps we could leave half of them iced and the other plain, but he wasn't having any of that. 

Thus, we began putting Mickey's pants on each of the cookies. By this point, I started thinking I was super mom because they were actually starting to look like Mickey Mouse.  Then I got the brilliant idea to put mini M&M's on top of the icing to look like Mickey's buttons on his pants.  I was amazed at the way they turned out.....

....that is until we showed them to the hubby who proclaimed "awesome! Mickey has eyes!"  I literally slapped my hand to my head and tried to explain that they were buttons, but by that point I was over it.

You be the judge - buttons or eyes?! haha

In the end, they ended up being a pretty big hit and I'm glad John and I had the opportunity to make them together, even if the entire project took over two hours.

Question of the Day:
What's your favorite kind of cookie?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie