Monday, October 7, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

Happy Monday!

Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes for John.  We truly enjoyed our long weekend!  John's birthday was on Thursday, so getting to spend the entire day with him was amazing.  The hubby and I bought him his first "big boy bike" i.e. one with training wheels. 

John immediately wanted to take a spin on his bike and thankfully the weather was beautiful.

On Saturday we had his party at our house.  This was actually the first time we've had his birthday party at our house.  You see, our house is super small, and the thought of hosting 20 people in our teeny tiny house was scary.  How would it be with 5 kids running around?  Would we all be squished in like ants?  In the end, everything worked out beautifully.  No one was squished and the kids were great.

John loves everything Mickey Mouse, so that was his theme.  I hoped on ordering a Mickey Mouse cake from BJ's, but apparently they discontinued the Mickey Mouse cake.  Seriously?  Isn't he a classic character or something?  I opted for Mickey Mouse colors instead and found a Mickey candle for the cake.

 Despite the craziness of the day, we were able to sneak in a few family photos.
Don't mind the scab on his head - John fell at school on a rug.  Boys!
One of my favorite parts of the party was the Mickey party hats we asked people to wear.  Can I just say that I love my family?  They are pretty awesome for going along with it.

In the end, everyone had a great time, even the photo-bomber in the back....haha.

Question of the Day:
What was the highlight of your weekend?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie