Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Little Super Why

Happy Wednesday!

Just to explain my absence a little bit further than Monday's post, last Monday when I came home from work, John's upper and lower eyelids were swollen and his eye was oozing mucus.  If you think it's a lovely mental image, you should've seen it in person.

He was also running a fever of almost 104, which is very unusual for him.  I took him to the doctor Tuesday morning and she informed me he had allergy-related pink eye.  Essentially, since the pollen count has been so high in our area, his must have had something on his hands when he scratched his itchy eyes, which turned into an infection.  She prescribed some medicine and we were on our way.  Despite having no fever for the morning and afternoon on Tuesday, on Tuesday night, his fever again spiked in the 103 range.  I made another phone call to my doctor who told me that he was probably fighting a viral infection on top of the eye infection, that it was normal, and that if his fever continued on Friday to bring him back into the office.

I love my pediatrician and she has never steered me wrong, however, I know my kid and something just wasn't right.  The only time he would act remotely like himself was when I gave him Motrin   I felt so bad for my little guy.  Finally, on Friday, he woke up with a fever of 102.7 and his congestion had gone from bad to much, much worse.  The plus side?  His pink eye seemed to be fine.

When the doctor checked him out on Friday, she couldn't hear anything "off" when he took deep breaths, his sinuses won't swollen, his throat wasn't red and he ears were clear.  She told me to go and get a chest x-ray and to come right back to the office.  At this point she thought he had a small case of pneumonia.  Thankfully, my pediatrician's office is attached to a hospital, so within about a half hour or so, we were back in her office waiting for the results.

There was no signs of pneumonia but his lungs were inflamed, which signaled to her that he was in the beginning stages of bronchitis.  She gave him an antibiotic, we had a follow-up appointment with her yesterday, and now he's on the mend.  Thank goodness!!

The highlight of my time home with the little guy?  I had tickets for Super Why Live, a show he absolutely loves, and with the "ok" from my doctor, we were able to go and enjoy the show.  It was awesome to see John dancing in the aisle and having a ball.

Dressed as Super Why and feeling all better!

Please ignore the newspaper on the wall - we're in the process of redoing my living room and we're holding place-markers for where the pictures are going to go!

If there's anything I learned through this experience, it's that I know my son and I know when something isn't right.  When he gets sicks, sometimes it feels like I over-analyze things, but when it comes right down to it, I think my mother's instinct is pretty spot-on.

Question of the Day:
Do you suffer from allergies?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie