Monday, February 25, 2013

The Potty Outfit

Happy Monday!

After months and months of being inside because of the cold weather, the hubby and I finally took the little guy out for a wagon ride yesterday.  It was nice to remember what it's like to stay outside for more than five seconds without the wind whipping in your face.

I've been trying to get the little guy potty trained and, as is typical with toddlers, some days are up and some are down.  For awhile there, he was going every night before his bath and then all of a sudden, he stopped wanting to use the potty.  After about a month or so, I tried again, and although he doesn't go every time he's placed on the potty, at least he makes an attempt.

One of the things that gets him to use the potty is that I allow him to pick out his own pajamas.  The last two times he's used it, he has picked out the same ones - a  Christmas shirt with Woody and Buzz on it and pants with Thomas the Tank Engine.

I've officially deemed this the Potty Outfit.  And you know what?  He seems pretty happy about it.

I'm hoping to devote much more time to potty training in the summer, when it's easier for him to roam free, but for now, I'll take the once-a-day potty user.

Yes, folks, this is what my life has come down to - being excited when the little guy uses the potty.

Question of the Day:
What was the highlight of your weekend?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie