Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

 Happy Monday!

How are you all doing today?  I'm feeling a bit off today - not sick, exactly, but just....foggy.  I'm hoping this feeling passes soon!

Over the weekend, we celebrated my best friend's baby shower.  I've been through pretty much everything with this girl - we met in high school and have seen each other through proms, relationships, break-ups, births and everything in between.  We were each other's maid of honor when we got married and now, she's expanding her family.  It's such an exciting time for her!

Yesterday, while the hubby, little guy and I were at Mass, we ran into an older couple - one we see every week.  The woman tossed a bag to me and said "here - I bought too many of these - give this to John."  John opened it up and there was an owl hat inside.  He put it on immediately and has taken it off only during his bath time and when he went to bed.  The first thing he asked for was his hat this morning.  I had to get a picture of him wearing it to share with all of you.

Seriously, this little guy makes me laugh and smile at the simplest things....and I just love him so much for it!

Question of the Day:
What was the highlight of your weekend?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie