Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Staying Warm When It's Cold

Happy Wednesday!

I live right outside of Philadelphia, so the past two days I was hunkered down in the house thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Thankfully we never lost power, didn't have any damage to the house and only had to deal with minor water in our crawl space.  It was nothing a towel couldn't fix.  Needless to say, things are starting to get back to normal.  Was anyone else affected?  

Since the temperature has dropped drastically, it's that time of year to bring out the blankets, crank up the heat and start the coffee brewing. (Realistically, though, I brew coffee all year long!)

I was contacted by Craft Coffee to see if I would be interested in spreading the word about their company.  Disclaimer - I did not receive any sampling or compensation - this is just a company I think deserves a shout-out!


According to the company, Craft Coffee "turns coffee drinkers into coffee lovers" with their monthly subscription.  Basically, you receive three roasters each month when you sign up for a subscription.  One of my favorite parts about the company is the way their testing panel works.  Check it out:

"... [T]o bring you truly only the most excellent coffees available each month, we place every coffee we sample into a anonymous brown bag. Our expert tasting panel knows only the country where the coffee was grown and the date it was roasted. Without the distraction of packaging and branding, we can focus squarely on finding truly outstanding coffees for you - by taste!
The results are amazing. Sometimes the roasters with the best reputation have the best brews, and sometimes they don't. This leads us to feature coffees from tiny upstarts as well as more established artisan roasters."

Wanna find out more?  Check out this video-

I also have some awesome news to share - if you decide to purchase a subscription, enter the promo code weighpromo, which will give you 20% off of your first month.  The code will be valid for two weeks.

Have a coffee lover on your holiday list?  This might be just the thing to give them!

Question of the Day:
Are you a coffee drinker?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie