Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Celebration!

We're celebrating a birthday today......

Happy birthday to my hubby!

The hubby and I celebrated seven years of being together on March 24th.  I always joke that he asked me out around his birthday so that he would remember our anniversary.  haha

Here are a few reasons why my husband deserves to have the happiest of birthdays:

1. He gave me the most precious gift I could have ever asked for.....a baby.

Our first week home after the birth of the little guy.

2. He puts up with me (no explanation needed on this one).

3. He is one of the most loving, giving and patient people I have ever met.

4. His hugs are pretty amazing.

5.  He willingly participates in crazy dance moves such as "the fisherman."

6.  Going along with number 5 above, he dances like no one is watching....even when everyone is.

7.  He has an incredible faith and inspires me to trust in God more and to worry less.

8.  He encourages me to dream big.

9.  He loves a good practical joke and knows how to take things in stride.

10.  He has a wonderful personality.  He has the ability to read people in a way I've never seen anyone else do.

We're taking the day off from work today to celebrate this very special day in my hubby's life.

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, Dan - I love you!

Anne Marie