Monday, February 20, 2012

Did "Switchin it Up" Work?

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

We celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday (which is actually today) on Saturday.  I can't believe he's 3 years old already!!

 It feels like just yesterday I was seeing him at the hospital for the first time.  Where does the time go?

There's only about a year and a half difference between my nephew and my son, and it cracked me up to watch the two of them intereact with each other.  The little guy was running around for most of the party calling out for his cousin. 
I hope they stay close as they get older!

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to switch up my Weight Watchers Plan and start following the old Turn Around Program.  I'm happy to say that as of Saturday, I'm down 2.4 pounds and have (I hope) finally stopped bouncing around on the scale.  So yes, switchin it up actually worked! 

Ironically, a few of my members confided to me that they were thinking of going back to the old program because they weren't having success with PointsPlus.  I told them I had swtiched back with decent results and they decided to try the same for this week.  I'm not knocking the PointsPlus Program at all - it really works for the vast majority of our members - but for some reason, my body doesn't seem to be a fan.

Oh well - you win some, you lose some, right?

Question of the Day:
How was your weekend?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie