Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 20 Minute Nap Maximizer

Happy Tuesday!

Look at this - me blogging on back to back days....that hasn't happened in a long time! I guess work has finally calmed down enough for me to stop by today.  Thank goodness!!

Many of you know that I'm a cook once, eat all work week cooker, so I thought I'd show you some of the "madness" behind my cooking schedule.  Lately I'll throw something in the crock pot on Saturday and make some sort of casserole dish for the rest of the week.  However, with the little guy eating "regular" food, I've been forced to make some alterations to my cooking schedule.  (i.e. one casserole dish of "insert meal here" will no longer feed me and my hubby and the little guy for three days).  I know eventually I'll have to make an entirely separate meal, but until that time comes, I've been getting by with being a nap maximizer.

What is a nap maximizer you ask?  Simple - a nap maximizer is someone who makes the most out of nap time.  I'm very lucky that the little guy still takes two naps a day.  His morning nap is the short nap - ranging from 20 minutes to an hour.  Most of them fall in the 40 minute range, but he has his moments of longer sleep.

If I have the opportunity, I like to take the shorter nap to do some quick cooking - the longer naps are reserved for relaxing or doing something that I enjoy.  Take last weekend, for example.  As soon as we got home from Church, I put the little guy down for a nap.  Not knowing how much time I had before he woke up, I got right to work.

I boiled water for elbow macaroni, hard boiled some eggs for my lunch and made scrambled eggs for the little guy's lunch for the following day.
I don't really have three burners in the front - I was letting the hard boiled eggs cool off.

While the pasta was boiling away, I had time to make the hubby's lunches for the week. This particular week he wanted tuna and some sandwiches. Typically the hubby helps with making his own lunches but this weekend he was off doing house stuff.

The little guy decided to take only a 20 minute nap, and right after I snapped this picture, he woke up.

Lunches, little guy's eggs and elbow noodles for him for the week
I consider that nap maximization a success!  In twenty minutes I had enough food to stretch us for the week without taking a whole lot of time.  Of course, the sink was a mess by the time I was finished, but I'll take it!

Getting the most out of my time makes me feel incredibly productive.  Too bad I can't be the same way when it comes to cleaning the house!

Question of the Day:
Do you consider yourself a time maximizer?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie