Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Talk: Learning to Say No

Happy Wednesday!

I'm thinking of starting a "Let's Talk" series here on the blog.  This series will be about things that I need to talk about.  I mean really, we all need to vent at one point or another, right? 

Today, I want to talk about learning how to say no.  Am I the only one who struggles with this?

I say yes when I should say no.  There, I said it.  Between working my full-time job, working at Weight Watchers Saturday mornings, being a mom, a wife and fulfilling other countless roles, my life has become overloaded.  Sometimes it feels as if everyone depends on me to get things done.  The reality of it is that I can be a huge control freak.  At work, when professors need things done at the last minute, I rush around like a maniac to get things completed.  I refuse help because I think it's easier to stress out than to explain to someone else how to do something.  Dishes need to be done?  I'll do it because I think I can get it done faster than the hubby.  Lunches need to be made?  I can do it.  Someone has to get dinners made for the week?  I have a blog, so let me cook.  Ridiculous, right?

The sad part is that all of this "saying yes" has made me exhausted, worn out, and above all, cranky.....and I mean really cranky.  I'm realizing that I'm walking a very thin tightrope and I'm ready to fall off.  I'm taking things out on the people I love because I feel like I can't keep up with all of life's demands.

So starting today, starting now, I'm going to learn to say no.  I'm going to give up the control and allow people to help me.  Saying no to things that won't leave me satisfied.  Saying no to things that cause stress.  Saying no to things that will keep me away from this guy....

Question of the Day:
Do you have a hard time saying no?  How do you keep things balanced?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie

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