Friday, October 7, 2011

Taco Soup

Is it 5:00 yet? No? Darn.

It's already been one heck of a morning and it's only 9:45. The little guy did really well yesterday with the shots. The doctor advised me to give him Infant Tylenol once after the shot, once before he went to bed and once this morning. Sounds like no big deal, right? Well, there's one teeny little problem - the little guy gags on medicine and sometimes makes himself sick.

The first two doses went down just fine. No gagging - more of an "eww" face. This morning? Yeah, not so much. He got sick EVERYWHERE. Lesson learned - no giving medicine on a fully belly.

Consequently, I was really late to work (thankfully my boss doesn't care about things like that) and my whole day just seems "off." Things like this shouldn't happen on Fridays!

Now that that's off my chest, I'm here today with a great recipe for Taco Soup. I'm so excited for the kind of weather that's soup worthy. There's something about a big bowl of hearty soup and crusty bread that makes this girl happy.

I got the recipe via Pinterest, originally posted here.

Taco Soup
Recipe from Our Best Bites

1 lb. extra lean ground beef (93% lean or or leaner)
1 onion, chopped
4-5 cloves garlic, minced
1 1.25-oz. packet taco seasoning (about 1/4 c.)
3 c. water, divided
2 28-oz. cans diced tomatoes
1 15-oz. can tomato sauce
2 15-oz. cans kidney beans, rinsed and drained
1 can corn, drained

Toppings: Pico de Gallo, light sour cream, shredded cheese, crushed tortilla chips, tortilla strips, guacamole, etc.

Heat a large soup pot over medium. When ready, brown the ground beef with the onion and garlic. When almost brown, add the taco seasoning and 1 c. water. Add the remaining ingredients, including the remaining 2 c. water, bring to a medium boil, then, cover and reduce heat. Simmer for at least 15 minutes. Serve with desired toppings. Makes 10 12-oz. servings.

Slow Cooker Instructions: After browning the meat, place all the ingredients into a slow cooker and cook on low for about 6-8 hours.

I made it using the slow cooker instructions and it turned out fabulous.

It was incredibly filling and left my belly satisfied. 
Well, that's all from me today.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and if you haven't entered my giveaway yet, you have until Sunday night!
Question of the Day:
Anything fun planned for the weekend?
Until next time!
~Anne Marie