Friday, September 23, 2011

Warehouse Clubs....Are They Worth The Money?

Good morning and happy Friday!

Last night the little guy and I ran some errands while the hubby was at work. I had to pick up some things at BJ's. Every year, the husband and I contemplate whether or not to renew our membership and we always come up with the same answer.....yes.

Warehouse clubs can be tricky. Getting huge containers of items for a great price is a great incentive. You can easily get sucked into the mentality of "I'll definitely use that" or "I need three extra large boxes of cereal." Yes, often the price of the items are cheaper than a typical grocery store, but you have to weigh your options.

I decided to purchase a membership shortly before I was pregnant. The sole reason of the membership was to buy a few items in bulk that I purchased every week at the grocery store. For example, the husband eats muffins like they are going out of style. Every week, I'd spend $4.00 for 6 muffins. Over a month, that's $16.00. BJ's has 12 gigantic muffins (the hubby eats one half of a muffin each day)for $6.49. The muffins will last an entire month.

Another money saver for us is chicken. I can buy a huge bag of frozen, individually wrapped chicken for around $16.00, which will also last a month in our house.

The biggest savings, though, has been on diapers and wipes for the little guy. It's no secret that having a baby can be super expensive, and purchasing 270 diapers for $30.00 is a huge savings compared to other store prices. This alone pays for our membership fee a few times over.

It's safe to say that deciding to purchase a membership to a warehouse club depends on how much you will actually save. You don't want a huge container of something going bad because it's impossible to eat it by the time it expires.

The husband and I make monthly trips to BJ's, and that's worked really well for us. Sometimes I think he should be with me at all shopping trips because once in awhile, I'll justify buying things like this.....

6 lbs of crushed tomatoes for $2.99?  Don't mind if I do!
I realize it's a ton of crushed tomatoes but here's my justification - one jar (one pound) of spaghetti sauce costs about $1.19.  I can easily make my own spaghetti sauce gravy and have enough left over that I can freeze.  It's a win in my book but I'm not sure the hubby agrees!

Question of the Day:
What are your thoughts about warehouse clubs?  Do you belong to one?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie