Friday, August 5, 2011

My Newest Obsession

Happy Friday!

I enjoyed my time off with the little guy so much. We laughed, we gave multiple high-fives to one another (it's his new thing)  we napped on the sofa (for a glorious 2.5 hours) and we even hung out with "Aunt" Chele.   It.Was. Awesome.

I don't know why it's taken me so long, but I'm having a love affair with Pinterest.  I've been looking at it literally ALL morning!  People are incredibly creative.  I just looked at the clock and saw that it's time for lunch - I can't believe how quickly the time passed by!

Before I break for lunch, I want to share with you a recipe for spicy chicken.  I took a plain chicken breast and seasoned it with chili powder and chipolte powder.  I didn't use exact measurements, so season according to taste.

I topped this with hot sauce before I ate it. The spicier the better for me!

Question of the Day:
Spicy food - yes or no?

Hands down yes for me!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie