Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here we are back at another Monday.  Usually it's slower at work this time of year, but today and Friday have been painfully slow.  The other two girls that I sit with are out today, so there is hardly anyone to talk to.  Needless to say, I've only been at my desk for two hours but it feels like the day should be halfway over already.

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  The husband was off on Saturday so we took advantage of the time by going out on a lunch date.  Since the little guy was born, we haven't had much time to spend together.  We are lucky because both sides of the family are more than willing to babysit for a few hours but, honestly, we I feel guilty leaving the little guy because I work during the week. 

There have been lots of people telling me how important it is to spend time with your spouse once children arrive and, after this weekend, I realized they were right.

We went to Saladworks and grabbed a super quick lunch.  I decided on the Buffalo Bleu Salad and wasn't disappointed in the least.  It's so, so good and only has a value of 6 PointsPlus (before adding any dressing).  I was disappointed that I didn't take a picture so I had to use this not-so-lovely one from their website.

Since my  mom was babysitting, we ended up going to a park nearby her house.  This park holds very special memories for the hubby and I.  We spent a lot of time over our dating years walking the trails and the husband even proposed to me there!

This park is my favorite one, hands down.  It stretches for miles and miles and there's an opportunity to take a gravel path or a more wooded path.  We opted for the gravel because we were both wearing flip flops.  We didn't plan that one too well! 

I loved walking and taking in the scenery.

Of course, no visit to the park would be complete without visiting the bench where he proposed.
Ahhh....the memories....
The husband picked this spot to propose because there's a waterfall right near the bench.  It made the proposal even more romantic.

We were only away from the little guy for a short time, but it was enough time that we came back refreshed, renewed and closer together.

Question of the Day:
How was your weekend?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie