Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Friday!!

Thankfully, all went really well with the little guy's doctor's appointment yesterday.  His double ear infection is gone and now the hubby and I can start table food with him.  Pasta, grated fruit/veggies and shredded mozzarella cheese are some of the foods he can try.  Since he had a milk allergy when he was first born, he has to tolerate the mozzarella cheese before he can move to eating baby yogurt.  The doctor mentioned that I could give him soy yogurt in the meantime, but I want to wait and see how he does with the cheese.  I'm hoping the milk allergy is something he has grown out of....but we'll see!

In other baby news.....

The little guy has begun his adventure in crawling.  Sure, he doesn't go more than a few inches before he flops on his belly but it's still awesome to watch!

Please excuse my high pitched voice. I, too, was so excited for him!

Nothing too interesting on the food front.  I made some healthier meatloaf that the husband and I have been enjoying. 

Tonight, my best friend is coming over.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that we've been trying to get together since APRIL.  Every weekend one of us had something going on, so I'm glad that we are finally able to get together! I still owe this girl a birthday present! (Her birthday was April 10th). 

The husband and I are planning a date lunch tomorrow.  We are in some serious need of couple time.  It's amazing how a relationship changes after children.  We're super excited to get the chance to go out - thanks for watching the baby, Mom!

Question of the Day:
Any fun weekend plans?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie