Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Review: Philadelphia Cooking Creme

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good and low key. The hubby and I spent a lot of time running errands yesterday and while it was annoying spending most of the day running errands, at least we were able to do something together. It's the simple things, right?

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Tyson's Grilled and Ready Chicken. In that post, I used Philadelphia Cooking Creme and promised a review of that product as well. Today's the day!

I received a coupon for a free sample of Philadelphia Cooking Creme from Kraft's First Taste Program.  When I went to redeem my coupon, I saw that there were quite a few flavors to choose from: Italian Cheese & Herb, Savory Garlic, Original and Santa Fe Blend.  I picked up the Original flavor at first but then the Italian in me decided to go with the Italian Cheese and Herb.

Philadelphia Cooking Creme's are marketed to make cooking easier.  They can be used in stir-frys, on pasta or chicken....pretty much anything you can think of.  I didn't waste any time in tasting the cooking creme right out of the container.  It was awesome.  There was definitely a bite to it and I knew I wanted to try it on chicken.  Heck, I could've gotten a bag of chips and used it as a dip.  It was THAT good.

I put the cooking creme on top of the chicken and baked it for 30 minutes.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but it tasted awesome!

This product is something I really enjoyed. I look forward to trying more flavors at some point!

Question of the Day:
What's your favorite kind of dip?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie