Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I've been in a bit of a mushy mood, so please bear with me for this post.  In keeping with yesterday's post, today, I'm thankful for my body.  Please let me explain.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to nurse.  After reading everything I could about its benefits for the baby, I was sold.  I figured that if God would allow me to nurse my child then that's the way it was going to be.   I had planned to nurse for the first year but we all know that things don't always work out as planned. 

On October 3rd, my precious little baby boy was born.  He was able to latch right away and I couldn't have been happier.  The feeling of nourishing your little one is something I can't describe.  It has to be experienced to understand. 

The husband and I had a system down where I would feed John and he would change the diaper. I was up multiple times every night when he needed to eat. Even though it wasn't easy to nurse for 45 minutes at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 a.m., I never had a problem staying awake to watch my little boy. It was the first time in my life where I wasn't completely tired because I was still on the high of becoming a new mom.

Of course, during the day, there were plenty of naps.  I cherish these naps so much because they don't happen as frequently anymore.

Adjusting to nursing and being a new mom was challenging at times, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Once the little guy started to get older, it was harder and harder to produce enough milk to sustain him.  We made the decision to supplement with formula, and once John had a taste of the bottle, he never went back to nursing.  I transitioned to pumping full-time and continued to supplement with the formula. 
I went back to work in January and was able to continue my pumping schedule.  Even though it took chunks out of my day, my boss and co-workers were incredibly supportive of my decision to continue pumping while I was at work. 
How YOU doin?

Little by little my supply began to drop. Whether it was stress or being sick, every little event caused my milk to decrease. I stood firm and I was still committed to giving my son what little milk I had.

On Tuesday night, I decided that I was finished with pumping.  It got to the point where it was interfering with everything I did.  I lived by that pump.  I had to be careful how long I stayed out with the hubby and baby because I needed to pump every 3 hours.  After talking to the husband, we both agreed that after 7 months, we had all had enough.  I wish I could have continued providing my milk for my son until he was a year old but I'm coming to terms with my decision. 

The little guy seems to be just fine with it, don't you think?

So today, I say thank you to my body.  Thank you for allowing me to nourish my son for 7 months even when I had to start supplementing.  Thank you for allowing me to give milk to him even when I didn't think it was possible anymore.  You constantly amaze me with how powerful you are.

Question of the Day:

What are you thankful for today?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie