Friday, March 18, 2011

My Poor Chicken

Well hello, Friday!  A beautiful day with temps in the 70's?  Yes, please! It seems that Spring is in the air today, and you better bet that I'll be outside enjoying it as much as possible.

Last night the hubs and I took the little guy out for a walk without his coach.  I held him the entire time and he loved the wind blowing in his hair.  We even put some sunglasses on him, which he kept on for longer than I expected him to.

When we came home, the husband said that he would put dinner in the microwave while I spent time with the baby.  Chicken cutlet was on the menu, and I was pretty excited.  The thing with the husband is that he's never sure when something is completely heated through in the microwave.  He opens the door a lot to check on the food, but when it comes down to it, his tried and true method is to butcher the heck out of the food until he can see steam coming out.  Case in point.....

Now this picture may not look that bad to you, but keep in mind that I reconstructed it to make it look somewhat decent.

Tonight, the family is headed to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousin's 20th birthday.  I seriously cannot believe that he's 20 already.  It seems like just yesterday he was dancing around with my brother to my dance recital songs and now, he's turned into this amazing young man.  I'm telling you, time is flying!

Question of the Day:
How do you tell when something is done in the microwave?

Have a great weekend!

~Anne Marie