Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little P&P

I'm always up for some R&R (rest and relaxation), but tonight I'm in the mood for some P&P (pasta and peas!) Seriously, could the "P" have stood for anything but pasta?

I've had this can of peas in my cabinet, and it was time to use them.

I usually use the large peas, but I accidentally picked up the small peas instead.

Blurry, but aren't they cute?

I'd forgotten how much I like the small peas. I'll have to make this mistake more often! I combined the pasta with the peas and made a quick, easy meal.

A taste of deliciousness in every bite!

Question of the Day:
Are you getting enough rest and relaxation during these summer months?

Until next time!

~Anne Marie


fittingbackin said... Best Blogger Tips

no! I don't feel like i'm getting enough rest and relaxation. Grrr I'm feeling like i'm spreading myself to thin again and this makes me angry for some reason! LOL

That pasta looks so comforting right now. :)

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't had peas forever but I have a bag of frozen ones in my freezer that need to be used.

The only way I eat peas is by mixing them into different pasta dishes. So good!

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Fabulous. I used to hate peas when I was little and now I think they're delicious. Enough R&R? ....nope ;)

BusyB said... Best Blogger Tips

PEAS! I love peas little ones do not (weird they can eat a tomato like an apple....but not peas WHAT NUTS) anyway That LOOKS Delish!!!!!!

One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

I love peas too!

I think I'm getting some rest, despite this whole pesky work and school thing!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am getting A LOT of rest and relaxation this summer - if there was such a thing as too much relaxation, I would be getting that!