Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yummy Tortellini

About a month ago, I received a free coupon from Foodbuzz's Tastemaker Program for a free Buitoni product. I was finally able to redeem my coupon this weekend and picked out the Spinach and Cheese Tortellini.

Excuse the "I'm frozen" package the tortellini is in. I bought it fresh, but had to freeze it because I didn't want it to expire.
I wasn't sure if it would be enough to feed the hubby and I (even though the package said around 3 servings or so, the hubby and I LOVE our pasta!), so I picked up another brand of tortellini and threw it into the mix.

Cooking away.
I was really excited to try the spinach tortellini, and even more excited that I could compare the fresh Buitoni pasta with the shelf-stable pasta.

I added some marinara sauce and called it a meal.
The result? The Buitoni spinach and cheese tortellini was a winner by a long shot! It definitely had that fresh pasta taste, and I could taste the spinach in it! I'd definitely buy these again when they go on sale - they are pretty pricey, in my opinion!
*As a side note, nothing compares to my grandmom's green spaghetti, but this was a great substitute for it!
Question of the Day:
Have you ever tried fresh pasta?
Until next time!
~Anne Marie


fittingbackin said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay!! I love tortellini!

i've never had fresh pasta.... sad!

Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said... Best Blogger Tips

i haven't used that foodbuzz offer yet. but am getting some bread... i think. the meal looks delicious!

One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmm...I don't think I have ever had fresh pasta before. I must be missing out! I am looking forward to using my coupon now. I love spinach in pasta.

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

I find the fresh pasta to be pricey, too! But, soooo delicious :)

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said... Best Blogger Tips

Hooray for pasta. Tortellini and ravioli are such good quick meals! I love it!

Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the best thing Foodbuzz and Buitoni did was send us those coupons! Everytime I go to the supermarket, I HAVE to pick up a package now...I just had some for lunch with Shrimp =)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes I have tried fresh pasta, and I LOVE it!!!!! There is a restaurant in my city that specializes in house-made pasta and sauces - it is fabulous!

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

Love fresh pasta! I don't buy it often though...too pricey. Such a satisfying meal :)

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

I love fresh pasta! Dried just doesn't compare.
I have yet to send your book...SORRY! Terrible - I post a giveaway, then don't give away! Soon!

lynn @ the actors diet said... Best Blogger Tips

when i was in college i had tortellini and prepared pesto almost once a week!

Fashion Meets Food said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! That looks absolutely divine! I must try it!


Fashion Meets Food said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum! That looks absolutely divine! I must try it!