Monday, June 28, 2010

Cheap Week

Hello loves!

If it was Really Cookin' Week , this week is On the Cheap Week! The hubby and I are trying to get on board with a budget, especially with a baby on the way. We realized that for two people, we spend a lot on food. It's the one place in our budget where we can cut back, so we're doing the best we can to decrease the food budget by $100 this month. This most likely means more pasta (which can never be a bad thing!) and more vegetarian dishes. So far, we're on track!

This week, I made some chili parmesan chicken. I mixed together chili powder and parmesan cheese, coated the chicken and baked until it was cooked through.


Question of the Day:
Do you have a food budget? I'd love to hear some of your tips for eating healthy while on budget!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie


One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

We try to keep it at $75 per week for the two of us. I only shop at Trader Joe's for specialty items. We buy almost nothing packaged except for grains. Farmer's markets or independent vegetable stores have cheaper, higher quality produce and sometimes it's cheaper to buy in bulk at Costco.
We eat about 90% organic when it comes to our animal products and can still do it on our budget. Good luck!

Tracey said... Best Blogger Tips

We are supposed to have a good budget but never manage to stick to it. However, this is something we need to serously look over and get a working budget in place. It is amazing how much money my husband and I spend on food!

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

$100, wow! I can't wait to hear how you guys do! We have such stock piles of non-perishables, we probably only spend $150 a month and we eat out only 1-2x a week. Pasta s a good one, and buying in season! That's all I've got. I'm bad at budgeting with groceries...but I find my money really does go far at Walmart for things like cereal, etc.

Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have a food budget...I tend to spend about 45-50 dollars a week....sometimes more...I am bad lol..

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

We don't have an exact food budget, but we usually spend about 100 per week on groceries, sometimes more, sometimes less - depends if I am baking, cooking something new, or having dinner guests.

megan said... Best Blogger Tips

We technically have a food budget, but I'm not very careful with it, and my husband doesn't really mind. Food is what I love - cooking and baking is a big hobby, so I don't mind spending a little extra. I probably only really cook once or twice a week though, and the rest of the time we eat eggs or pancakes or grilled cheese, etc, which helps save money

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

I;ve been thinkign about our budget too...I don't think I can cut back on food a lot, it's just too important. For me, it's going to be random shopping, maybe learning to do my own sewing instead of taking EVERYTHING to a seamstress...less random driving...less gas...there are a ton of things I 'waste'.