Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Last Saturday, the hubby had to work until 11:00 at night, and my mom had a party in New Jersey to attend. This meant that I could either spend the time at my house alone or go hang out with family. I chose the family route. I went over to my grandmom and uncle Joe's house. Grandmom was away on retreat, and uncle Joe was watching my cousins. I don't get too much one on one time with uncle Joe, so today, I am thankful that I was able to spend last Saturday night laughing harder than I have in a long time with him and my cousins.

Mom and uncle Joe a few Christmases ago
Uncle Joe talked about everything from starting his business to buying his condo in Ocean Isle Beach (where the hubby and I honeymooned) to funny stories about my mom and aunt when they were little. He taught my cousins' and I card tricks, number was really such a special time. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to spend more time with him.

Me and my cousin Allison at Longwood Gardens a week before I got married.
My other cousin Christopher. I realized that we need more pictures of just the two of us - this one is 4 years old!!
There's something special about spending time with family, and I'm glad I got the chance to do it.
I'll be away for the next couple of days-my best friend is getting married. I can't wait to do a recap!
Question of the Day:
What are you thankful for today?
Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm thankful for my mother, my husband and my kitties. They make my world a happy place to live in. :)


Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said... Best Blogger Tips

i love thankful thursday! i'm thankful for the opportunity this week to wake up and have extra time work out and chill out!

Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

Have fun at the wedding!!!!!

Lindsay @ said... Best Blogger Tips

He sounds like a wonderful uncle. Today I'm thankful for great friends. It's so nice to have such an awesome support system.

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Have so much fun at the wedding :) I am thankful for family today! Josh's family has been visiting during his surgery recovery and it has been fantastic

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, love this post! Enjoy the wedding!

I am thankful to spend this weekend with my in-laws and getting the opportunity to see a state I've never been to! And that it's a 4 day weekend! Woo!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am thankful for working with people I like!

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm thankful for my Dad's advice. I always go to him first!

Fashion Meets Food said... Best Blogger Tips

Have fun at the wedding! I am thankful for my Mum!


Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

YOU WON THE COOKBOOK! I'm thankful it was you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Have a fun weekend! Yep, I am thankful for my loving husband and always for healthy kids! :D

Andrea @ said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm thankful for dear friends, who never give up on me even if I'm terrible about keeping in touch!

Sounds like such a nice time with your Uncle Joe! I love that- reminiscing about the old days and learning about the history of a person!