Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I don't think it would be possible to let this Thankful Thursday pass without being thankful for this gorgeous weather! The last few days, it's been so sunny and nice and spring-like! I could get used to this kind of weather all year round!

This type of weather only makes me think of one thing....summers at the shore! I love going down the shore. I usually don't stay overnight, but just the day trip is enough to hold me over.

How cute is that little bird?

Whenever I'm on the beach, I try to get sunrise or sunset pictures. I always think they are beautiful!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the husband and I's honeymoon in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

I couldn't talk about the summer weather without thinking of going to one of these during the season:

A Phillies game!

I think it's safe to say that the snow has finally gone and that nicer weather is in our future.

Question of the Day:
What are you thankful for today?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love love the beach (which is probably why I moved within a 10 minute drive of one! I am thankful for time to breathe this weekend, the upcoming body pump launch (should be fun), fresh fruit & veggies and my health

Andrea @ said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous photos! I love the beach. It's the one place where I'm totally present and calm.
I'm thankful for the beautiful weather. It really lifts my mood 100%!

Lauren @ Eater Not a Runner said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm thankful for the weather too, it's SO beautiful!!

Samantha~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I am also thankful for the weather!! Some friends and I are heading out for a run tonight and I can't wait. Unfortunately, we may be getting some snow on Saturday, boo!!

Have a great afternoon!

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful pictures!! The weather is definitely getting better :) Today I am thankful for the great friends I have. I am able to share special moments with them, and I know I can count on them no matter what. A good, loyal, and trustful friend is hard to find.

Happy Thursday!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am thankful that I can spend the evening inside and have no where to go, because it is NASTY outside!

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous photos!

It's now Friday, but I'm glad to have some alone time! Puppy is at camp and husband is still sleeping. Coffee + blog catching up is wonderful!

Have a great weekend!

lynn @ the actors diet said... Best Blogger Tips

yay phillies! my sister in law was the first couple to get married at citizens bank park!