Friday, February 19, 2010

When it's Good, it's Good!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post. I love hearing what you are thankful really puts life into perspective, doesn't it?

This week has been a week of repeat recipes that I've made before. I think repeats are good every once in a while. Heck, when we first got married, the husband and I ate on what we called a two week rotation. That's how planned out we were with our menus. Starting the blog has helped me look for new recipes and make new things, which has turned out to be such a nice treat!

The husband had requested this last week, so I happily made it for him as part of this week's meals. You can find the recipe for Layered Fiesta Casserole here.

Per the usual, I made some changes: I used ground turkey instead of ground beef, used two green peppers instead of a green and red pepper, and subbed out mozzarella cheese for the cheddar.

I love this casserole because it is easy and filled with veggies, carbs and protein-all things that I've been craving this week.

The layered ingredients-tortillas, turkey and veggies.

And, of course, right out of the oven!

I had the thought last night that I should cut the casserole and show you what it looks like inside. That's my challenge to myself for next week!

Question of the Day:

Any fun weekend plans?

My nephew turns one tomorrow, and I will celebrating with him. Happy birthday, Aiden! I love you!

Cute, isn't he?


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

SO cute!!

Andrea @ CanYouStayForDinner.comw said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a delicious casserole!
And Aiden is adorable!! I hope to spend some time with family this weekend. Have a great Friday!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said... Best Blogger Tips

What a good idea to use tortillas layered in a casserole! Kind like a mexican lasagna... Aiden is SO cute :)

Veggies 'n' Cake said... Best Blogger Tips

The only fun weekend plan I have is going out to dinner with my husband tonight. Other than that it is organzie all the crap laying around my apartment. Not so much fun!

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

He is a cutie! And I just love the name Aiden!

The casserole looks great!

Watching some basketball with friends, grocery shopping, some long runs, and 2 hockey games this weekend. Same'ole same'ole :)

Have a great weekend, hun!

Samantha~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Your nephew is super cute!! The BF and I are going to dinner tonight, plus I have body pump tomorrow, then the KU game!!

Retta said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww! What a cutie! I think it's a sign that I must have Mexican food this weekend! Your pics totally made me crave it even more!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Aiden is soo cute!! Have a great day!

your favorite cousin!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Aiden is soo cute!! Have a great day!

your favorite cousin!!!

Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

awwwww he is sooooo cute! happy birthday little one!!!!

Janna (Just Flourishing) said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks so yummy! Weekend plans include school, running and cleannning!

BTW I just wanted to say the your gnocchi look SO good. I`m definitely going to make it one of these days :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum - looks delicious! Happy Birthday to your cute nephew - I've always loved that name Aiden!

Have tons of fun!

I am meeting my Mom for lunch tomorrow - I haven't seen her in a month!

One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness, he is adorable! It's really sweet how close you are to your family!

I also love one dish meals- looks so good!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday to your nephew!!!!!!

lynn @ the actors diet said... Best Blogger Tips

adorable! ah, casseroles - LOVE THEM.

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy birthday to your nephew. He's adorable!