Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

One of the best things about blogging is reading about other people's ideas. Last week, I read Rose's post on Sweet Potato Gnocchi. Since I've been having an unusual craving for carbs, I thought it would be the perfect thing to satisfy my craving. Plus, the gnocchi is only sweet potatoes and flour, so it was healthy to boot!

First, chop and peel two sweet potatoes. Microwave for about 10 minutes or so, or until they can be mashed.

Mash the sweet potatoes until they look like this.

Slowly add white flour 1/2 cup at a time (I used 1.5 cups total) and combine with the sweet potato mixture.

It should looks something like this.

Next, split the ball in half and roll into long thin strips. Cut the strips into small pieces and press down with a fork.

Like so.

Drop in a pot of boiling water, making sure that they don't touch. You'll have to cook the gnocchi in batches. When they float to the top, you'll know they are done.

After they were all cooked, they looked like this:

I topped them with some marinara sauce and called it a meal.

It was absolutely amazing. In fact, I couldn't even taste the sweet potato, and instead it tasted more like doughy wonderfulness . Even the husband, who doesn't like sweet potatoes thought that this was awesome. He requested that I make this more often.

Thanks for the great idea, Rose! This was great!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever had gnocchi? Do you like it?

Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love gnocchi and this looks so easy! Thanks for the recipe!

Erica said... Best Blogger Tips

Isn't gnocchi so so good? I took a cooking class on gnocchi and risotto! I want to try making pumpkin gnocchi

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I have never had Gnocchi and always wondered what it was! Love sweet potatoes and MARINA SAUCE with a passion - so this fits the bill :)

Nicole, RD said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I would've never thought *I* could make gnocchi! This looks relatively easy, go figure! I'm not a HUGE gnocchi fan (too doughy for me), but this is something my husband will LOVE! Thank you!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

I have only had gnocchi once and I found it too dense, but I will give it another try!

PamperME said... Best Blogger Tips

Could this be made with wheat flour?

Anne Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

PamperMe-I'm not sure. I've heard that it makes the gnocchi tough. You could always try it out and let us know how it works!

Gina said... Best Blogger Tips

omg...that looks so good!! i wonder if derek would like it...

Kristen @ Change of Pace said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy moly! That looks awesome. I've heard gnocchi is time consuming but that looks easy! Will have to try it sometime :)

THE ACTORS DIET said... Best Blogger Tips

how impressive! i've never made homemade gnocchi

Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

When I was younger, my bestfriend's grandmother would make gnocchi ALL the time and I would go over afterschool just to eat them...they were delish!

One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow- this looks great! I've never made gnocchi, but I've sure eaten it!

I'm very impressed!

Bec said... Best Blogger Tips

wow this looks amazing! what size of sweet potatoes did you use?

Dawn Dishes It Out said... Best Blogger Tips

I literally just left a comment for MissyMaintains saying I want to make these this week!! Yours look soooo good!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That turned out really well! Yep, love it. In fact my daughter would prefer that over spaghetti!

Great job!

Anne Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Bec-I just used two normal sized sweet potatoes.