Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Thank you so much for everyone's advice about working out at home versus the gym. The husband and I made it to workout number 2 at home this morning, and so far, so good!

As I mentioned earlier, my mom's birthday was this weekend. I was in charge of making the main meal and the cake. My brothers both agreed to make side dishes, which took a lot of pressure off of me. I wanted to make something that everyone would enjoy, so chicken parmesan it was! This was a childhood staple in my house growing up, and it was nice to make it for my mom for a change. I ended up making two trays of chicken.

Tray 1

Tray 2

I had to make this the night before the party because my brother lives an hour away from me. I couldn't imagine traveling with the raw ingredients, so this worked out for the best.

I woke up Saturday morning to find out that my mom was sick with a chest cold. Since my brother and his wife have a baby at home who was already fighting a minor flu, my mom didn't want to go to my brother's house and pass the cold to him. My dinner for 7 turned out to be a dinner for 5. My younger brother picked up some Italian bread in addition to the salad he was going to bring. I was a little disappointed because I didn't get to see my nephew, brother and sister-in-law, but I know that my mom would feel terrible if she got the baby sick.

It was still a good time-my mom ended up pulling out old home movies. My younger brother and I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous we were as kids. I couldn't believe how much of an antagonist I was to my brothers-throwing wrapping paper at them, trying to wrestle with them, etc. Somehow, I had forgotten that I was usually the one who started rough-housing!

After some movie watching and dinner, it was time for my mom's cake.

She loved it! I used the standard diet coke cake recipe with fat free cool whip icing. It was yummy!

Question of the Day:
What's your favorite kind of cake?

I love chocolate cake the best, but I'll eat any cake put in front of me!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Mari said... Best Blogger Tips

I love when we watch old home movies...they bring back so many memories and sre so funny too...

I love Strawberry Shortcake but my fave dessert EVER are rainbow cookies from Italian Bakeries!

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a nice birthday! I love breaking out the home videos.

My favorite cake is either carrot or confetti. They're both so good.

Gina said... Best Blogger Tips

i loved this post! happy belated to ur mommy!

One Healthy Apple said... Best Blogger Tips

I am the younger girl and I tortured my brother- yelling at him, and attacking him. I feel kinda bad about it!

My favorite cake is Opera cake and your chicken looks delish.

Anne Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks everyone!

What's Opera cake? I've never heard of it!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am not a big cake person, but if I had to pick it would be a cake that is so moist, it is almost gooey.

brandi said... Best Blogger Tips

homemade chocolate cake with scratch made chocolate icing is the best.