Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Myrtle

Happy Wednesday! Even though this is a short work week for me, it feels like it has been dragging! Isn't that always the case though? Whenever you have a day off somewhere in the week, it seems to take forever!

Yesterday, while the husband and I were eating dinner, we came across this little guy:

Meet Myrtle

Myrtle came to vist us all the way from Africa. After a long journey, he was super hungry. That's when he spotted the husband's asparagus.

Luckily, the husband was done eating dinner, so he wasn't too upset when Myrtle took a bite out of his meal.

He was so adorable, that I couldn't keep myself from picking him up. Thankfully, he didn't mind that either.

I think Myrtle will be featured in this blog more often. He's too cute to not stop by and hang out once in a while!

In all seriousness, a professor from work gave me this little guy as a present yesterday. She bought two of them while she was in Africa over the summer. Donna (who I mentioned yesterday) has the same turtle, but hers is blue. I'm pretty sure she's still coming up with a name for him/her.

And now for the eats.....

I ate one of the best meals I have ever made in a long time. Isn't it usually the case that the meals that require the least amount of work somehow taste better than the ones that are more complex?

I made the Quick Italian Spinach Pie recipe from Kraft's website. Of course, I modified the recipe a little bit. I used 1% lowfat cottage cheese and chopped up an entire red pepper instead of using the roasted red peppers in a jar.

Before going into the oven
Right out of the oven

This meal was unbelievable! It was the perfect combination of cheese and vegetables.  The husband kept asking how much butter I put in it because it tasted so rich.  The answer-none, of course!
Question of the Day
Do you have any pets? 
The husband and I don't have any pets at the moment, although we both love dogs. We both agree that right now, we don't have room for a puppy.  Maybe someday!
Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Donna said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the mention again! I think I will name my turtle "Timmy" since he is blue I think he is a boy! I'm just saying. . . . .

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww Myrtle's cute. I think you can count her as a pet! I don't have any either right now :(