Monday, August 31, 2009

Need More Veggies!

I'm not going to lie. I love fruit! I tend to gravitate towards foods that are sweet, and fruit is no exception. For me, it's easier to get in more fruit servings than vegetable servings. There's a really interesting article on fruits and vegetables here. According to the article, it is recommended to get between five and thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which roughly equates to 2½ to 6½ cups per day. I know I eat a lot of fruit in my day, but not this much! (I also think that this recommendation is way on the high side!)

Anyway....after analyzing my daily food intake, I decided that it's time to up the vegetables. This decision came just in time. One of my co-workers has an abundance of tomatoes, and she asked if I could use some. I am never one to turn down food (and free food, to boot!), so I accepted. She came into work the next day with this monstrosity:

Holy tomatoes, Batman!

I should add that this was after I gave some away to other co-workers who saw my loot and were jealous. I've already dug into this supply and can't wait to eat more!

I also asked the husband to cook up some asparagus for this week's side dish, and he happily complied.

Shortly after this picture, my camera decided it was time to break. The little button that switches between play mode, record mode and view mode popped off. I immediately went on a search for a new camera and found a Nikon that has its own food picture setting! How cool is that?

Thankfully, my new camera and my old camera use the same memory card, so I was able to salvage all of my pictures. I am once again a happy girl.

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?

I love bananas like nobody's business. They are just the right combination of sweet and satisfying!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie


Gina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love tomatoes!!! As far as fruit, not a big fruit person, but I love pineapple!

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

That's so cool the camera has a food setting - I want one!

I'm with you on bananas, they're the best!