Monday, July 13, 2009

The Monster

For those of you who were wondering what I tried last week, the answer was this......
I present to you, the Green Monster.
My mix contained:
1 cup fat free milk
1 frozen banana
handful of spinach
As I mentioned before, this concoction has been making it's way around the food blogs for quite some time. I was very reluctant to try it - after all, I liked all three ingredients by themselves, but blended together? It didn't sound like much of a treat. Oh boy, was I wrong! I have to admit, that with only one banana in the smoothie, I could taste the slightest hint of spinach, but it wasn't bad enough to make me stop drinking them. In fact, I've been having one every morning.
Because I'm following Weight Watchers, and I want to keep the points fairly low, I imagine that with more fruit or the addition of another banana, the slight spinach taste would be gone.
There are a few things I love about this smoothie:
- it tastes great
- it's so good for you
- it keeps you full!
I encourage you to try this if you haven't before. I know you're probably thinking that it's gross, but it's not at all! Who may surprise yourself and really enjoy it!
Until next time!
~Anne Marie