Friday, June 5, 2009

Supermarket Savers

Happy Friday!

We have finally reached the end of the week! Is it just me, or did this week go by extremely slowly?

The husband and I have decided to put ourselves on a budget. We've been meaning to create one since we were engaged, but it never happened. Over the last few months, we've really buckled down to figure out how much we were spending. After looking at the budget, we decided the one place we could cut costs was in our food budget.

Along the way, I found some ways to cut some costs.

1. Don't buy preportioned items (such as 100 calories packs, etc.). It's much cheaper to buy a bigger bag and portion out the items yourself.

2. Make a list and stick to it. The husband and I made an entire list of things we normally buy and made copies of the list. Each week we circle the items we need and add anything extra that might be missing. Sticking to a list ensures that you won't make impulse choices.

3. Cook what you have in your refrigerator/freezer. The husband and I realized that in our freezer are 5 meals for the week. This week, I'm only buying vegetables, fruit and some household items.

4. Buy what's in season. Do a search on Google to find what fruits and vegetables are in season.

5. Clip coupons. I have literally save $15.00 some weeks just from using coupons.

6. Buy in bulk when it makes sense. I have a membership to BJ's Wholesale Club, and it pays for itself in just one trip. I don't do a lot of shopping there, but I buy chicken and granola bars about every two months. Simply eliminating the cost of chicken and granola bars every week has saved about $20.00 on my grocery bill.

I'm just starting to really get the hang of saving at the store, so I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Until next time!

~Anne Marie