Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gina's Holey Donuts Review!

Hello all! I’ve been telling Anne Marie I would write a review on Holey Donuts for awhile,, and I’m just getting around to doing it now. First of all, I found out about them through a friend. She tempted me into getting them! lol! Just kidding, Kate! :) They are low fat donuts that use no artificial sweeteners. Does that even make sense?! :) Anyway, I ended up getting 3 boxes: 6 glazed donuts, 3 toasted coconut, 3 vanilla coconut, 3 cinnamon strudel, 3 chocolate crumb, 3 vanilla crumb, and 3 caramel crumb. For all you Weight Watcher members, each one of those donuts is 3 points!! Many of the other flavors on their website are more than that, but I refused to get any above 3 points.

So what do I think of these donuts? Well so far I’ve only had the glazed donut and a toasted coconut donut. The glazed donut was alright. It was very sweet, maybe even a little too sweet, and too doughy. If you don’t heat it up properly then it’s going to come out too soft and end up hard as a rock. The toasted coconut was DEFINITELY better, AND I put some fat free cool whip on top. The cool whip helped, but I think this particular donut would’ve been good without it. Kate thinks these donuts are delicious! She’s been having one almost every morning, and her favorite is the vanilla glaze with pink sprinkles! Head on over to the site to see more flavors! :)

As far as cost, they’re pretty expensive. Also, you must order at least $35 worth of donuts because of their shipping method. I got these just to try them out, and I probably won’t get them again for awhile, but I’m glad I did! If you have a sweet tooth, they’ll definitely satisfy it!