Tuesday, May 26, 2009

30 Day Shred Review

I promised a review after I completed my 30 Day Shred, so here goes nothing!

30 Day Shred is a system developed by Jillian Michaels (of The Biggest Loser fame). There are three levels, and although there are no technical instructions with the DVD, I spent 10 days on Level 1, 10 on Level 2 and 10 on Level 3.

Level 1: Looking back on this, I was very happy the way Level 1 was structured. Level 1 made me feel very empowered and completing the 20 minute workout gave me energy and made me feel empowered.

Level 2: OUCH!!! Level 2 was a big jump up from Level 1. It was extremely intense and a very big leap from the comfort zone of Level 1. After I completed it, I felt like I had a hard, intense workout, which was a good thing!

Level 3: Although this level was challenging, it wasn't as bad of a leap from Level 2. I liked the jump training and muscle building in this Level. I think this was my favorite!

I took my measurements yesterday and I lost an inch on my waist, lost .25 in the hips, gained .75 in my thighs (I'm guessing that's from all of the lunges!) and my biceps stayed the same.

All in all, I was impressed with Jillian's workout and look forward to incorporating this DVD into my workouts!

Until next time!
~Anne Marie