Thursday, April 9, 2009

Total Cranberry Review

A few weeks ago I sent away for a free sample of Total Cranberry Crunch. It's been sitting in my cabinet for a little while and yesterday, after I discovered I bought plantains instead of bananas, I grabbed the little box and added it as a topping to my oatmeal.

According to Total's website, one serving contains 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals. As a topping to my oatmeal, I thought it was delicious. It was a little bit sweet with a nice crunch. I loved the chunks of cranberry and clusters. The only downfall was that there weren't enough cranberry chunks for me. Other than that, it was a pretty tasty cereal! I don't think I could eat it alone, as cereal alone never seems to fill me. It's definitely worth trying, especially if you are a cereal eater.

Until next time!
~Anne Marie