Monday, April 6, 2009

Massive Meal Making

I had a ton of fun this weekend! Friday night, the husband and met up with a few other couples and presenters from the marriage encounter last weekend. We had so much fun catching up with everyone and it was nice to see how other couples were doing since the retreat.
Saturday night a group of friends decided to make meals for a group called Aid For Friends. They bring frozen meals to shut-ins and the elderly. We all decided to make baked ziti with green beans and a cookie for dessert. The husband and I were in charge of the pasta and gravy (I'm Italian, so I can't justify calling it sauce!)
The goods before heading over to Pete and Maria's.
Everyone chipped in and we made 27 meals. It didn't take very long and it was a great excuse to see some amazing friends.
Pete cleaning up while everyone else filled the trays.
The meals before filling them with cookies.
From another angle.
Maria and Michele wrapping up the trays.
The husband bagging and labeling.

The finished product!
It was wonderful to know that all of these meals served a good purpose. We all agreed to continue the tradition and make these meals once a month.
Sunday was a pretty chill day. I made some calzones out of my pizza dough recipe, and they came out pretty tasty! Pictures to come later!
Until next time!
~Anne Marie