Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Long-Awaited Picture Post

As mentioned in an earlier post, the husband and I packed a bag full of goodies for a weekend trip. In reality, we were only away from the house for a day and a half, but here is the bag full of our snacks.

It turned out that we had plenty of food at the retreat. The sad reality? We plowed through a lot of the bag. I wish I would have taken a picture of it!

Yesterday was the start of a new week for eating vegetarian. I called the doctor to let him know about my choice and see if there were any additional supplements I needed to take. He cleared me for eating vegetarian but suggested taking a multi-vitamin, make sure I ate enough protein and to not be too restrictive and eat a variety of foods. I was stoked.

After the chicken fiasco that was dinner on Saturday night, I made the decision that even though I had meat options in the freezer for dinner, I wanted to dedicate myself to my commitment. I decided on a wrap with a side of peas.

The wrap consisted of:
  • flatout light wrap
  • tofu
  • lettuce
  • chickpeas
  • red pepper hummus

The result? VERY tasty! I was pleasantly surprised at how good and filling it was!

Until next time!

~Anne Marie