Thursday, July 17, 2008

The first few days on Core

The next few blog entries may seem out of sorts. I began the Core plan with a food journal in paper form, and I want to post them here.

Day 1

Breakfast-oatmeal with Fiber One, coffee and skim milk.
Assessment after eating: 3
Notes: I left some oatmeal in the bowl, and I still feel satisfied! Feeling empowered-food does not posses control over me!
Snack 94%ff popcorn
Lunch Boca burger, ketchup, soy cheese, rest of popcorn and broccoli. For dessert I had a banana with cool whip and sugar free/fat free fudge sauce.
Assessment Feel full. Probably around a 4.
Notes I should have stopped after the main meal but fel the need for something sweet. Next time get up and decide to listen to your body!
Dinner Steamed chicken and broccoli (yay me for a good choice at a Chinese restaurant!) with a little bit of sauce and rice. Ice cream cone for dessert-estimating a total of 10 points used for the day.
Assessment Felt satisfied, not full-probably around a 3. Feel happy about not binging on a peanut butter wrap. In fact, I didn't even crave it! Great first day on core!

Day 2

Breakfast Same as day one. Still left some oatmeal in the bown-Good job listening to your body!
Assessment 3
Lunch Boca burger and broccoli.
Assessment 3
Notes Went to the Phillies game and did not have any ice cream! Way to go!
Dinner Chicken burgers and pudding with lady fingers-counting as 6 points.

Day 3

Breakfast Same as day one. Did not eat the whole thing-feel full-maybe I should try drinking a smaller much of coffee?
Assessment 3/4
Notes I feel in control, but am nervous for how this will turn out. Usually I have a snack around 11:00 but decided that today, I didn't need it because I wasn't hungry. Yay for listening!
Lunch Egg salad with carrots and fat free yogart with fruit. Feel comfortable after eating.
Assessment 3
Notes Feeling happy-listening really works!
Dinner chicken with a salad, banana, watermelon and straberries topped with ff/sf pudding.
Assessment I feel like I am at about a 4.
Notes I feel energized, good and confident about my decisions today.

Day 4
Breakfast oatmeal
Assessment 3-feel satisfied
Lunch Tuna with carrots ff cottage cheese and fruit
Assessment 3/4
Notes Today I had a peach as a snack around 12:00. It held me over really well until my 1:30 lunchtime. I left some cottage cheese in my container because I wasn't hungry. Had some coffee after lunch. Good job listening!!
Dinner Chicken with salad and ketchup. Banan waith whip cream, ff/sf pudding
Assessment 4-I feel more on the full side